Social Media Marketing Class

I just took the Social Media Marketing Class at St. Charles Community College and it was a lot of fun. You will learn how to promote yourself or your business using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, WordPress, Pinterest, e-mail marketing and a few others. The class is good and I think is helpful to everyone because this is the future and It looks like it will be staying around for a while so you might as well learn how to use them now. The class was fun but the assignments are to hard to keep up on since the teacher does not have exact due dates, schedule or your grade.


Social Media Marketing Class

The class is about how to successfully market yourself or business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, WordPress, e-mail marketing and some other. The class is at St. Charles Community College and you can enroll now for the 2014 spring semester.

Please sign up now where ever you live!!

5 Useful Twitter Tools

  1. Hootsuite is a great tool it lets you use Facebook and Twitter at the same time. It is free but you can also pay for a upgrade.
  2. Social Pointer is free it is great if you like things in e-mail style. It’s like a e-mail account but only for your social media accounts, easy to find keywords in conversations you’ve had.
  3. TwentyFeet is a good free tool (can pay for upgrade if needed) that lets you quickly understand how effective your business’s tweets have been. It uses charts and is very visual.
  4. Tweepi is a free tool that lets you manage followers. This is mainly for a business page or a page that has a lot of followers to eliminate spam users.
  5. Triberr is a free tool that helps you find like-minded individuals and connect with them if you want. This could be huge for a business is you want to find customers by searching users who used key words.