5 summaries for effective social media strategy


I chose this site because it is a good site to start at for an effective social media strategy. It has good bullet points on why and how you should do this. The steps in this strategy are defining a clear message, applying the 70/30 rule of engagement, start small and then expand, these things take time to be effective and build relationships and gain trust. I think building a relationship and gaining trust is a very effective way to social media market.



I selected this site because it was different and talks about monitoring and resources. The steps for this strategy are target audience, posting frequency, content and stay up to date, resources, and monitoring. I think monitoring is a big thing you should check on your analytics to see if you strategy is working effectively.



I selected this site because I feel that it is effective. The steps are decide on an objective, choose a function that you want to preform like advertising or specials and share photos, focus on getting your message out, dedicate time and be consistent, be professional and create nice pages, encourage followers, use e-mail or twitter to see who is talking about what, and set a schedule to post content and encourage feedback.



I selected this site because it is effective. The steps in this strategy are identify target audience, Figure out what to post and post, know what you are trying to accomplish, be consistent, use social media to promote sales and specials, measure your success with analytics, It takes time to build an audience don’t quit, don’t overload your social media sites give them a reason to visit your site and engage in community and promote company.



I selected this site because it has an easy and simple way to develop social media strategy. It mainly says select a platform, identify target audience, connect, create and share content and engage, taking time to respond to comments and such things.