5 Youtube Business Channels

CNN’s channel is good they post news stories probably about 10-15 a day.The newest videos get the most action because they are on the main page. Just CNN posts on this page, but they can take your stuff and repost it under their name.


Jimmy Kimmel Live is a good channel it has skits and interviews from his show. They post about 4-10 videos a day, mostly just the show from a day before.Just Jimmy Kimmel Live posts on this page. It’s a good funny channel.


Nintendo is a good channel with tips and new info about upcoming games. They post about 4 times a week, every other day.  Only Nintendo posts videos on their channel. Good for learning about new and upcoming Nintendo titles.


The MLB channel is great they post fan video, game videos and highlight clips. They haven’t been posting recently because the season is over but normally they post about 10 videos a day, more when the season is going. Only MLB post on their channel, good to keep up on Baseball and see crazy plays.


NBC channel is good they post about their TV shows and have clips from then like the Sound of Music Live is the big thing on there right now. They post about 25-30 videos a day. I think this is because some of the TV shows don’t have their own YouTube page. The page is actually mostly singing videos from the voice or sing off and some of their other shows. Good for listening to music.