5 articles about YouTube that will help your small business!

1. https://www.drivingbusinessonline.com.au/articles/5-reasons-to-use-youtube-for-business/

This is a good site it tells you about creating original content, improving search engine optimization. Video content is powerful and you can express your message in front of a worldwide audience. Video is easy and inexpensive. Lots of users play video on a mobile device so don’t forget that.

2. http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/228531

This site talks about self-promotion and sharing knowledge. Introduce people to something new. A lot of people use YouTube to learn thing make some how to videos. Present a call to action. Showcase customer testimonials. Make your page entertaining.

3. http://mashable.com/2011/03/27/youtube-marketing-mistakes/

This site is good because it talks about 5 small business mistakes. It tells you to think big just don’t try locally because YouTube is worldwide and someone out of town will see your videos. Don’t put all of your good ideas in one video, spread them out, and get more views. The site does contain a few other good tips, check it out.

4. http://inspirationfeed.com/articles/business/5-youtube-marketing-tips-for-small-business-owners/

This site is good it talks about customizing your business page. How adding subtitles is important. Don’t add a lot of annotations, people just try to click exit on them immediately. Manage your comments delete mean and vulgar comments that would make you look mad, also like and thumbs up some of the comments.

5. https://www.udemy.com/blog/youtube-for-business/

 This site is great, its talks about how YouTube is a tool and make content, not ads. Use channel designs that are new and up to date that appeal to mobile and tablets. It also says everyone starts at zero, it takes time to gain an audience. Brand yourself and use logos. This site contains other good information so check it out.


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